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Rattlesnake Hill Farm Garlic Jelly

sold by: Rattlesnake Hill Farm (View Business Information)

Rattlesnake Hill Farm Garlic JellyAll three varieties are a variation on one theme: great garlic, grown sustainably, using no pesticides, herbicides or chemicals. Try it on the BBQ or in your oven to glaze or baste poultry, pork, game, lamb, seafood or even tofu. Mix it with mustard for a dipping sauce with Asian food. Our daughter loves this combination with chicken nuggets. The jelly is a wonderful addition to stir-fry's or pour it over cream cheese and serve with crackers - absolutely delicious!

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Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese Barren Co. Blue

sold by: Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese (View Business Information)

Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese Barren Co. BlueIt has a firm yet springy blue-veined interior with a tangy, slightly acidic, ripe flavor. It's our "Stilton Wannabe". The perfect after-dinner cheese course, and pairs well with fruits and nuts.

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